Residencies, workshops and performances :


The Center for Arts Education offers programs in all disciplines across the five boroughs of NYC and beyond. CAE can work with you to develop a program that helps you meet the goals of your school community. 


The Center for Arts Education provided tools and resources that helped us transform our school into an arts-rich community. Today our students are more creative, more connected and more committed.

- Ramon Gonzalez, Principal


Recent projects include: 

  • An 8 session, in-school residency for 2nd grade classes, integrating theatre and social studies in order to explore immigration.  

  • A year-long after school choral residency for 3rd through 5th grade students, leading to two community performances of complex and varied music.  

  • Year-long, after school dance programs for middle school students in step, latin dance, and hip hop.  

  • An in-school visual arts residency for Pre-K and Kindergarten students aligned with literacy goals and school themes.  


Want to learn more about our residencies, workshops and performances?

We’re always looking for new opportunities to reach more students. Let us know what you need to make it happen in your local classroom. To learn more about in-school residencies, after school residencies, family workshops and more, contact Curt Confer, CAE Programs Associate, at