Residencies, workshops and performances

CAE’s residencies, workshops and performances are tailored to meet the needs of each collaborating school. Programming directly engages students in standards-based arts learning, often connecting to material being explored in other content areas.

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Career Development Program

CAE’s pioneering Career Development Program provides high school seniors training in college and career readiness and places them in internships in creative industries across the city. Students in the program also have access to college scholarships exclusive to CAE.

Recruitment for the class of 2020 will be open in October 2019.

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Family and Community Engagement

CAE is committed to increasing family and community awareness of the arts as an essential part of every child’s educational development. We provide ways for parents and caregivers to become more involved with arts education.

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Professional Learning

CAE is dedicated to improving the quality of teaching and learning in the arts through professional development. We give principals, classroom teachers, in-school arts specialists and teaching artists the knowledge, skills and resources they need to transform their schools.

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CAE has been distinguished with 4 consecutive multi-year federal research grants, allowing us to build the case for the efficacy of arts education in schools. We are currently in year 2 of our Future Arts Initiative.

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Want to learn more about our programs?

We’re always looking for opportunities to reach more students. Let us know what you need in your school community.