School Leaders Institutes

Teachers at The Morgan LibrarySince their inception in 2007, School Leaders Institutes have served more than 1,000 school leaders in all five boroughs of New York City. Participants have reported dramatic changes in the quality of arts teaching and learning at their schools. These workshops are devised to provide school leaders with an understanding of the benefit of arts learning through hands-on experiences, while offering actionable strategies and tools to envision and implement positive changes within their schools. Each institute is unique and is informed by topical education issues such as the Common Core, scheduling, budgeting and staffing. Workshops are often held at cultural sites to introduce school leaders to possiblecultural partners and to capitalize on the benefits of diverse learning environments.

CAE continues these offerings in partnership with The Council of Supervisors and Administrators' (CSA) Executive Leadership Institute (ELI) and New York's premier cultural organizations.